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Embrace, Empower, Excel: Ready Set GC’s New Chapter

At Ready Set GC, we're heading into a new chapter with the launch of our Empower Her GC Journey centric brand identity and website, as well as the unveiling of the dates and locations of our 2024 programs. These initiatives emphasize our enduring mission: to empower and equip women in the foundational years of their General Counsel career to become confident and effective leaders.

Powerful female leader confidently facing the camera in a board room.
Empowering Her GC Journey

Guiding Your Path to General Counsel Excellence

At the heart of our community lies our esteemed Advisory Board—a diverse and talented group of leaders who play a vital role in shaping Ready Set GC’s program strategy. Beyond their professional expertise, they are committed to giving back and paying it forward. Actively volunteering their time, they collaborate with Ready Set GC, contributing to the guidance of its mission and ensuring that each program aligns seamlessly with your journey toward General Counsel excellence.

Empower-Her: Building Bridges of Camaraderie

Our enduring commitment to fostering confidence, growth, and self-belief is now reflected in our revamped identity. Our core philosophy of empowerment isn’t just a part of what we do at Ready Set GC; it's the essence of our mission. Our focus remains steadfast: to replace isolation with bridges of camaraderie, ensuring no one journeys alone.

Quote, "Our program provides a supportive space empower women to connect, learn, and lead authentically, unlocking their full potential.
Deborah Solmor, Founder, Ready Set GC

The Ready Set GC Experience

At Ready Set GC, we go beyond traditional programs, offering tailored support and engaging discussions led by experienced women GCs. Joining Ready Set GC means becoming part of a supportive sisterhood.

Here's what makes our program distinct:

  • Demand-Driven Approach: Understanding the unique challenges women face in the initial years of their GC careers, our programs provide practical guidance, valuable perspectives, and a supportive community to empower women in this critical career stage.s

  • Experienced Leadership: Participants will gain invaluable insights from experienced women in law, tailored to nurture their growth in their GC career.

  • Cultivating Localized Networks: Emphasizing the creation of local peer and mentor groups, we facilitate a sense of community and belonging, essential for professional and personal development.

  • In-Person Engagement: Our program values in-person events, offering participants the opportunity to connect, engage, and learn directly from experienced women in law, fostering a dynamic and interactive learning experience.

Diverse group of female business women engaged in a conference room.
Empowered women empower women. Join a Ready Set GC program where diverse and talented General Counsels come together to share experiences, forge connections, and uplift each other on their leadership journeys.

Our community is where:

  • Collective Empowerment Flourishes: We celebrate each woman's achievements, encouraging camaraderie over competition, and fostering a culture of collective success.

  • Safe Spaces for Inclusivity and Learning: Our programs offer enriching discussions in a non-judgmental, welcoming environment, perfect for women to grow, share, and learn together.

"In 2018, transitioning from an in-house Deputy General Counsel position to General Counsel, I recognized a gap in programs supporting women in their foundational GC years,” says Ready Set GC Founder, Deborah Solmor.

“Ready Set GC emerged from that realization, transforming into a vibrant community. Our program provides a supportive space, empowering women to connect, learn, and lead authentically, unlocking their full potential. I'm thrilled to witness the excitement and impact of this transformative journey, fostering camaraderie and empowering women in their GC position and beyond."

Join the Empower-Her Movement

We invite you to explore our new website, sign up to receive more information about upcoming programs, and connect with our Founder and Advisory Board. Join a community that not only redefines empowerment for women in legal leadership but also celebrates each woman's unique journey. It's time to be part of a supportive network where we thrive together!



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