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That first General Counsel role can come with a sense of overwhelm, isolation, or lack of support. Ready Set GC was designed to specifically address the challenges women face in their foundational years as GCs. Our program offers a safe and highly engaging environment where participants benefit from the expertise of experienced general counsel and other senior leaders, connect with peers in their local community, and have a safe space in which to show up as their authentic self. This approach equips participants with essential insights, knowledge, and support to unlock their full potential. Ultimately aiming to replace isolation with camaraderie and empower women to become confident and effective leaders who make a lasting impact in their organizations and beyond.


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Localized Networking

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Cortney, Husch Blackwell, DC

"Ready Set GC is a wonderful tool for female GCs embarking on their role. It provides crucial networking and mentoring support from other female GCs who have served in these roles and lived to tell of their experience”

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