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Lived Experiences, Guided Support

About Ready Set GC and Our Advisory Board


Our Story

Founder, Deborah Solmor's General Counsel journey began in June 2018, after many years in private practice at Skadden and five years as the Deputy GC and Chief Compliance Officer of a publicly-traded company. Deborah quickly learned that the GC role was unlike any she had previously held. She recognized a gap in programs dedicated to the professional development of women in the foundational years of their GC career. So she built Ready Set GC.

"Our mission is to empower and equip women in the foundational years of their General Counsel career to become confident, effective leaders."

Our Advisory Board

Our success is shaped by the invaluable guidance of an accomplished Advisory Board. Consisting of seasoned professionals from diverse backgrounds and industries, our Advisory Board brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. This dedicated group is deeply committed to steering our programs with profound insight, drawing from their own experiences walking in the footsteps of those they aim to uplift. They contribute a rich array of perspectives that enriches our mission to empower and equip women in the foundational years of their General Counsel career.

Meet Our Founder

Meet Deborah Solmor, the visionary behind Ready Set GC. After honing her skills in private practice at Skadden and serving as the Deputy GC and Chief Compliance Officer of a publicly-traded company, she identified a gap in support for those entering the General Counsel realm. Recognizing the absence of a dedicated program for professional development, she passionately crafted Ready Set GC. Learn more about her journey.

Our Values

We take a demand-driven approach to alleviate the overwhelm and isolation often felt by women in their initial GC role. Through tailored support and thought-provoking discussions led by experienced women GCs, women receive practical guidance and valuable perspectives to empower their foundational years.
Localized Community
We recognize the importance of networking and mentorship, shaping our programs to cultivate a supportive, localized community for women in the foundational years of their GC careers. By creating opportunities for women to connect with GC peers and tap into the wisdom of industry veterans, participants not only gain a wealth of collective wisdom, but also a sense of camaraderie within their local community.
Leading with Authenticity
Our programs are intentionally small in size to cultivate a safe space for women to be authentic, share experiences, and discuss challenging topics in a supportive setting. Facilitated by experienced female leaders, our discussions are candid, honest, non-judgmental, and direct.
Lasting Impact
Committed to creating a lasting impact, we empower participants with essential skills, knowledge, and unwavering support for sustained success. Through localized networks and resources, our programs cultivate enduring leadership qualities, enabling participants to navigate role complexities and make a lasting, meaningful impact within their organizations.
Empowerment is at our core, fostering confidence, growth, and self-belief for women in their foundational GC years. We urge participants to embrace unique perspectives and lead with authenticity to a meaningful impact. Empower-Her signifies collective triumph, emphasizing camaraderie over competition, and extends a helping hand for shared ascent to success.
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