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Nurturing the GC Within: The Importance of Self-Care in our Professional Journey

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of attending a #GalentinesDay women's event centered around the theme of inner beauty and wellness. Among the inspiring conversations and connections, there was a book drawing where attendees submitted their name and a beauty or wellness tip to enter the drawing. I contributed the wisdom my favorite yoga teacher imparts each Sunday: "Self-care is not a luxury. It is a necessity." Though I didn’t win any books, this statement lingered, prompting reflection on its relevance beyond the yoga mat.

Yoga has become my cornerstone of self-care since the pandemic. Whether it's the gentle flow of morning sun salutations or the grounding stillness of an evening practice, stepping onto my mat anchors me in the present moment. More than just physical exercise, yoga cultivates balance, flexibility, mindfulness, and spaciousness—qualities which I have discovered are essential for navigating the demands of my GC role.

The parallels between yoga and the responsibilities of a GC are striking.

  1. Just as I strive to find balance on the mat, I must maintain equilibrium amidst the complexities of legal matters.

  2. The practice of flexibility extends beyond physical postures; it's about adaptability and open-mindedness in approaching challenges.

  3. Mindfulness fosters clarity of thought, enabling me to listen attentively and engage in effective problem-solving.

  4. Creating space on the mat mirrors the importance of carving out mental and emotional room to explore innovative solutions and exercise my legal acumen.

I look at our Ready Set GC program as another form of self-care—an investment in ourselves and our collective growth as women in the legal profession. These programs offer the chance to connect with like-minded women, network, and glean insights from senior leaders. And I am excited to return to my roots for this Wednesday’s program in New York where we will gather with nearly 30 women in the foundational years of their GC role to connect, share and learn together.

Remember, self-care isn't selfish; it's an essential investment in our ability to shine both professionally and personally. I invite you to join us at a RSGC program soon, and together, let's continue nurturing our inner GCs. For more information on upcoming programs, please subscribe at

Deborah Solmor

Founder, Ready Set GC


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