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Her GC Journey

Ready Set GC is dedicated to empowering women in the foundational years of their General Counsel role, providing them the necessary support, professional development, and community to become confident, effective leaders.

Our Story, Mission, & Values

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Our Impact

Empower-Her: when one woman triumphs, we all gain. It's about dismantling the barriers of competition and replacing them with bridges of camaraderie. It's not just about reaching the summit but extending a hand to ensure others can climb alongside us.


Our Programs

Ready Set GC programs transcend conventional professional development by providing more than just skill enhancement. We offer a dynamic platform for participants to forge connections with both local peers and seasoned General Counsels who have triumphed over similar challenges. While initially seeking support, participants ultimately emerge equipped with newfound confidence to lead boldly in their careers.

Our Advisory Board

Empowering success through the guidance of a diverse Advisory Board. Our seasoned Board brings rich expertise, steering programs with firsthand insight. Committed to empowering women in their foundational General Counsel career, our Board shares valuable perspectives to foster growth and confidence.


Lisa, Parts Authority LLC, NY

"I have been a GC for 1.5 years now. It has been an amazing growth experience for me and I love being a GC. I attended the Ready Set GC Event within my first year as a GC. The skills and topics discussed at the event empowered me to feel more confident in my working with my team."

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