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Behind the Scenes - The Power of Exceptional Mentors

Headshots of all seven Ready Set GC Advisory Board members.
Behind the Scenes: The Power of Exceptional Mentors - Insights from the RSGC Advisory Board

So much has been written about mentorship. We all know that it is essential for our career development (along with sponsorship and allyship).  We know that mentors can help us in many ways: providing feedback; opening their networks; advising on job opportunities.  But what about the mentors that really stand out; those that have truly altered us and our careers? 


We asked our Advisory Board to reflect on their own life changing mentors and the commonalities are surprising – or maybe not?  These impactful mentorship relationships went beyond just guidance and support.  Two things that these mentors consistently provided which was transformative was:


* Vision - to see potential in us that we might not yet see in ourselves (often by understanding our capabilities strengths and qualities that may not be immediately apparent, even to ourselves); and


* Challenge – to help us to step outside our comfort zone, to take on new roles, responsibilities or projects that foster growth, resilience, and confidence.

She taught me the value of constantly striving to be better, to question the status quo, and to form alliances outside of 'the room'.”

Vicki Donati, SVP, GC, Crate & Barrel Holdings


 “He had an unwavering belief in my abilities, even during times of some serious self-doubt, and this left a lasting impact and gave me confidence and courage early on.” 

Julie Kinch, former SVP, CLO of Heineken USA and Founder JK Leadership Advisors


“He saw in me what I did not see in myself and challenged me with new projects and opportunities that I personally didn’t feel ready for at the time.”

Sandra Hall Mulrain, EVP & GC, Reliance Worldwide Corp.


“She provided me with guidance, support and insights, but challenged me beyond my self-imposed limits.  She encouraged me to take risks.“

Amanda Rigby, VP, Charles River Associates

Vision and Challenge – this is what it takes to truly go beyond the traditional role of mentoring.  It emphasizes the importance of mentors not only in providing practical advice but helping mentees to envision their full potential and by providing the necessary challenges for them to realize it.  It is no wonder this combination of vision and challenge created an experience that had a lasting impact on our Advisory Board members and their careers. 

Look for the next edition of “Behind the Scenes” coming soon!  Bringing you insights and perspectives from our Advisory Board Members.




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